O'Hare Contracting specializes in residential and commercial construction, including automobile dealerships, mixed use buildings, office buildings, and complete residential construction and renovation. The company has grown consistently in number of employees, sales volume and reputation in this highly competitive field. Whether it's new construction, renovation work, exterior modifications or interior construction, O'Hare Contracting has the expertise to do the job.


O'Hare Contracting originated in Staten Island , New York in 2003. Shortly after founder Chris O’Hare graduated from Farleigh Dickinson University with a BA in finance, O'Hare Contracting served as a framing contractor for several custom homes located on Staten Island . In 2004, O'Hare Contracting completed its first automobile dealership located in Brooklyn , NY . In 2005, O'Hare Contracting relocated to Madison , New Jersey , in Morris County and has continued to grow in reputation.

As of today we proudly serve the tri-state area, with particular expertise in New York City . In three short years of commercial construction we have completed over 25 renovations of automobile showrooms and service stations throughout the tri-state area. We pride ourselves on being dedicated general contractors able to complete all varieties of construction and meet all types of customer needs.

Our best sales references are our customers. Our goal is to be the number one choice for any customer seeking a reliable general contractor. We stand behind our work, and will be there as the years and jobs go by.